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Zanbeel…A word derived from Persian

mythology, meaning a magical pouch

yielding boundless possibilities.

ZANBEEL: Exquisite Textiles at One Stop…

Zanbeel…A word derived from Persian mythology, meaning a magical pouch yielding boundless possibilities. We at Zanbeel believe that such a thing is possible and hence here we are. We take great pride in providing the finest solutions to our clients in terms of extensive range of outstanding products, at the best possible price and of course, on time delivery. We have distinguished ourselves as a house of quality by keeping up with the latest trends and providing our esteemed clients with the customer service that is second to none.

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Quality Management

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Order execution

Orders are closely monitored and our clients are regularly posted on the status from sampling, production and shipment. Our global network, market know-how and latest technology help us to identify and respond rapidly and effectively when problems arise, to ensure timely deliveries. Our quality monitoring system has four stages:

1- Pre-Production Check (PPC)
2- Initial Production Check (IPC)
3- During Production Check (DUPRO)
4- Final Random Inspection (FIR)

Status Reporting

Status reports, based on the multi-stage inspections, are transmitted to the buyers through electronic medium (fax or email). Production progress is analyzed in relation to the delivery terms and suitable course of action is taken to ensure goods are delivered on timely fashion. The merchandise/consignment is allowed for shipment only if it is produced up to the required specification/standard/norm.

Container Stuffing and Loading Supervision:

An identification of the goods during the loading is made to ensure that only the inspected goods are being stuffed without getting mixed up with the un-inspected goods to achieve with the quality control & assurance

Documentation and Shipping Co-ordination:

Shipping documents are checked as per the buyer’s instructions and the copy of the documents are sent to the buyers well in advance of the shipment to avoid any discrepancy.

Laboratory Testing:

Laboratories are an extremely valuable component of our services and also facilitate the manufacturers and exporters to transact their business with least quality risk.


Fabric: Construction particulars (counts, constructions and weight), Strength, Measurement and Seam performance.

Analysis: Flammability, Dimensional Stability (Shrinkage) to washing/dry cleaning, Appearance after washing/dry cleaning, Fibber analysis, etc.

Color Fastness: Color fastness to washing, Perspiration, Light, Rubbing, Bleaching, Dry cleaning, Organic Solvents, Hot pressing, etc. Dyes & Pigment tests are also carried out.

Garment: Dimensional Stability to washing/dry cleaning, Appearance after washing/dry cleaning are tested.

Visit Assistance

We accompany our buyers on their buying, factory and inspection visits. We arrange their itinerary and accommodation on their visits. We also advise the buyers on the dos and don’ts of the business practices in the host country, its culture, customs and traditions as well as business ethics to make their visit fruitful and enjoyable.

At Zanbeel, we are committed not only to provide an extensive range of immaculate textiles but also to the highest standards of customer service combined with integrity, dedication and in all our business practices and excellent corporate governance.

That is why we call ourselves ZANBEEL, catering to all your business needs…